How to keep your hair protected this summer


Our hair protects our heads from the UV rays of the sun, but how do we protect the hair that protects us? Hair follicles are specialised skin cells and similar to skin cells, they can easily be affected by too much exposure from the sun. Damaged hair is a long-term affect of our blood vessels dilating and becoming inflamed, which can result in thinning hair or hair loss! This is why it is important to safeguard your locks before it is too late. We have assembled four easy-to-follow tips to effortlessly keep your hair and scalp healthy and strong this season:

Tip 1: Hair sunscreen?

Summer can result in dryness and sunburn to your scalp, so it is vital to control the situation before this damages your roots and hair. If you are in and out of the water and not wearing a hat, it is smart to apply hair products that have a good amount of SPF in them, or buy special hair masks or sunscreen designed to protect your hair. These types of products add moisture back into your follicles, so your hair is less susceptible to heat damage. Alternatively, if you cannot afford specialised hair sunscreen, you can opt to use body and face products (provided you read the bottle first). Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your skin as well when stepping out in the sun!

Tip 2: Leave-in treatments

When exposing your hair to a hot summer sun, don’t forget to include additional treatment and care to your routine so it won’t become dry, thin or brittle. Leave-in treatments or deep conditioning products are simple ways to keep your hair hydrated and nourished. A great tip for after sun care is to apply a leave-in conditioner to the dehydrated areas and wrap a towel around your head. This encourages the hair to absorb the hydrating treatment and repair the follicles faster.

Tip 3: Be aware of your washing routine

Hair is often washed in summer to rid salt or chlorine water, however it is important not to overwash your hair, which can result in harming your roots and ends. Easy ways to keep your hair moisturised is to co-wash. Co-washing is when you wet your hair and use a replenishing conditioner on it for a couple of minutes. This reduces the number of times you need to shampoo, and prevents drying your hair out. Another tip for shampooing is to only put product on the scalp and not the ends of your hair to protect your hair from split ends and damage.

Tip 4: Hats are always in!

This may be the most obvious tip, but it is definitely the easiest! Why not buy yourself a hat? Hats are a great way to keep not only your hair, but also your face and skin safe from the sun. Big hats are the simplest way to protecting your scalp, hair and skin from harsh UV rays, while also creating shade for your head.

Keeping your hair luminous and healthy can be hard in summer, so another alternative for encouraging shine and support is including a Silicea supplement into your daily routine. Our products include biotin, which is important for hair formation and strength. It also helps to reduce breakage and splitting. Check out for the full range available.