Silicea Absorption

Resorption of silica and collodial silica gel
The collodial silica gel molecules are highly dispersed in water and 1800 times smaller than the silica molecules. The body can therefore utilise the collodial silica gel molecules more effectivaly.
Large molecule complexes
= difficultes in penetrating
the intestinal wall
Resorption of Silica
Evenly distributed molecules
= simple penetration of the
intestinal wall
Resorption of collodial silica gel


  • With silica products, it is not just a question of the amount and the content of the silica in the product, but the amount of available silica which can be absorbed by the body.
  • Therefore, the more finely the distributed that silica is, the easier it is for it to be absorbed.
  • It is more bioavailable

The smaller particle size
= More silica product absorbed
= More effective results.