Different Sources of Silica


Horsetail Plant

Although some species of horsetail are safely used in Western Herbal Medicine ( for example equisetum arvense), one form of horsetail, marsh horsetail–Equisetum Palustre–is toxic and should be avoided. The National Instistutes of Health and the University of Maryland Medical Center recommend purchasing silica horsetail supplements only from reputable distributors to avoid possible cross-contamination.

Silicea TM is not derived from HORSETAIL!

Original Body Essential Silicea Products

…are produced from a source of silica EXCLUSIVELY to Anton Hubner GmbH & Co. Germany.

No other company is permitted access to this source. This form of Silicea Gel has been sold for 50 over years exclusively to us and is reliable, and of the highest quality. The exclusive manufacturing process guarantees a stable consistency gel.