Beauty trend predictions to try in 2018

As the New Year is right around the corner, new beauty trends are on their way, and we have another 365 days to try out these styles! With new trends, new opportunities arise to re-invent your look. To help you come to speed with the beauty trends for 2018, we have created a list of five major beauty obsessions you can expect to see next year.

1. A touch of pink

Subtle or bold, pink is the new craze – lips, blush, even hair! For inspirational lipstick colours think fruits and berries, like raspberries and cherries, and for those who embrace bold colours, try high-shine fuchsia. We believe blush and glittery highlighter will be overtaking the contouring and bronzer trend from 2017, so opt for a classic blush look like a pop of shimmering pink or a dust of bright red. If you’re feeling brave in changing your hair colour, try a semi-permanent pink rinse to truly embrace this trend!

2. Sparkle and shimmer

Highlighters and glitter eye shadows are bringing the ‘sparkle’ back into everyday life. Rhinestones and gem studs will be used in 2018 along with bolder make up looks and in accessories. We recommend pairing small gems with liquid eyeliner or using a shimmery highlighter on your temples for a confident and quirky flare.

3. Short and sweeping hairstyles

Hair salons will be recommending shorter hairstyles for 2018 such as pixie cuts or glamour bob haircuts. For those not ready to chop everything off, a sweeping fringe with tendrils of hair framing your face is a desired look for the New Year!

4. Accessorise everything!

Think hairpins, clips and 60s inspired scarfs secured around ponytails, necks and waists. Following the 60s theme, flower crowns have grown into flower embellishments, which can be woven through tousled braids. Other popular trends are massive statement earrings, faintly tinted sunglasses and big, metal-style bangles. But the most popular trend? Prim and proper hair clips with ornate detailing (think pearls and gemstones)!

5. Graphic eyes

Not feeling the natural look? Be bold with your eyeliner! Many runways are predicting heavy eyeliner on top of the eye and on the bottom waterline. Makeup artists and YouTubers are currently using bold colours like electric blue or bright yellow and geometric shapes to frame their eyes, and strongly smudged lines can be blended to create shape. We believe this trend will flow into 2018 and be used during the festival and party scene.

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