Five easy tips to look after yourself!

Many men are embracing the beauty and health lifestyle, and are taking pride in their appearances, however there are still some guys who don’t know where to start when it comes to grooming! We have compiled our top five tips that are simple and easy to follow to keep all men looking and feeling their best.

Tip 1: Treat your hair right!

Try steering away from gel or pomade hair products that can clump together and display an overly greasy look. These products can also assist in premature hair loss, so depending on your hair type it may be better to research these products before buying and determine what works best for your hair.

Tip 2: Don’t shave against the grain

While shaving against the grain may be the fastest way to obtain a close-cut shave, pulling at the hair before cutting it can actually increase the chances of ingrown hairs, shaving pimples and razor bumps. Try exfoliating once a week to help remove skin cells to give you a smoother, cleaner shave.

Tip 3: Skin triggering products

On average, men have slightly oilier skin than women, which can be due to the testosterone levels that stimulate higher sebum production in hair follicles. One way to minimise acne breakouts due to oily skin, is to reduce the use of products that contain oil. We recommend keeping a look out for the ‘oil-free’ label on skin care items. Another way is to use a silica gel supplement topically at night for 15 minutes to help absorb the excessive oil in pores.

Tip 4: Minimise wrinkles and bags under your eyes

Encourage collagen and elastin production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and bags under your eyes by staying hydrated and protecting your skin from UV rays. Dehydration and exposure to the sun can cause damage to your skin cells, which can lead to premature wrinkles, so make sure to keep a water bottle with you and slip, slop, slap that sunscreen on before you head out!

Also, increasing fruit and vegetables into your diet is a great natural source of collagen production and antioxidants that fight free radicals and keeps skin strong, preventing lines around the eyes and mouth.

Tip 5: Don’t forget about your hands

Your hands are always on display and noticed in your everyday life, so it is important to keep them looking clean and your nails trimmed. Moisturising your hands and cutting your nails regularly are simple ways to take care of your hands easily. Once a fortnight, organise a time for a nail care routine and make sure to use the right tools as not to damage your nails. Remember to push the cuticles back, don’t cut the nail too short, and trim the edges for a smooth round finish!

It can be difficult to stay on top of your health and wellness regime, so a simple and easy way for healthier skin, stronger nails and thicker hair can be to include a Silicea MAN supplement into your morning routine. Check out to see the full range of Silicea products available.