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Some common questions and answers in regards to the use of Silicea Products

Q. “Are there any known side effects with the use of Original Body Essential Silicea?”

A. There are no known side effect associated with the use of Original Body Essential Silicea.

Q. “Does Silicea Gel or the One a Day capsule contain any gluten?”

A. No there is no gluten in any of our products.

Q. “Are there interactions with other medications?”

A. There are no known interactions with Silicea and other medications. However:

  • It is advisable not to take Silicea at the same time as with other medications as it may reduce the effectiveness of your other medicine. Take at least 2 hours apart.
  • Some multivitamins may also contain silica in smaller amounts. It is important not to take more than the recommended daily allowance (RDI) of silica per day from all combined supplements in total.
  • It is important to take Silicea as directed for best results.
  • Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional.
Q. “Can I take more Silicea than directed per day to get even faster results?”

A. The human body requires only a certain amount of silica per day. Once this has been absorbed the remainder is generally passed out through the bowels and urine. The suggested amount of 420mg per day of Silicea has been carefully calculated and formulated for maximum results, minimum waste. If you take more than directed you will essentially be “flushing your money away”. The body does not store silica.

Q. “Can I take Original Silicea Gel post-pregnancy?”

A. Yes.  Original Silicea Gel is so pure (ie no additives or preservatives whatsoever) that Silicea Gel is often the choice of mothers in this situation, it is a listed medicine that can be taken at any time, and this includes post-pregnancy. Silicea Gel helps to stengthen hair, and boost the collagen in skin, thus assisting in skin’s elasticity, which is often a problem during post-pregnancy. It also helps to be reminded that Original Silicea Gel has a long and established history, having been sold around the world to customers without change for over 50 years. Please consult your doctor/healthcare professional prior to use if you are breastfeeding.

Q. “Can I add Silicea to hot Green Tea?”

A. The two products are unrelated and one has no effect on the other. If Green Tea is hot then Silicea may settle to the bottom. However you can take both together in one cup and one does not interfere with the other.

Q. “Can I wash Silicea Gel into my hair on my head, as I would use a hair gel or shampoo?”

A. No, this is not recommended. Silicea when taken internally helps to add moisture to skin and hair, however when used externally (topicially) the reverse is true, is actually DRIES skin and hair due to the interaction with oxygen. This drying effect is often beneficial for cuts or acne on the skin, however for hair it can result in loss of valuable moisture, causing hair to stiffen and can cause hair strands to break. Do not use Silicea on your hair.

Q. “Is Silicea the same as the “Do Not Eat – Made in China” silicea packet granules found in product packaging?

A. No, they are very different. The silica composition is different. The source of the raw material is different. They are a different product for a different use. Silicea is a TGA (Therepeutic Goods Association Australia) listed medicine. The specialized manufacture of Silicea products in Germany is international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified as a medicine for human consumption and world-standard, the process is unique, and using only the best quality ingredients.

Q. “How long does Silicea Gel take to work”?

A. Silicea is a mineral supplement. Just like vitamin supplements, it takes some time to start to see improvements as the supplement makes its way throughout the body. How fast this happens depends on several factors including previous neglect of the condition for which it is taken. Silicea gets to work as soon as you start to take it. As your hair grows and your skin regenerates you will see improvement. On average this takes around 4-6 weeks.

Q. “Will Silicea grow hair on the palms of my hands/places that I don’t want?”

A. No. Silicea helps to strengthen and thicken existing hair, it will not grow new hair on the palms of your hands or other unusual places where hair is not normally present.

Q. “How long can I keep taking Silicea?”

A. Indefinitely. Just like vitamins, your body will also require mineral intake for all its life. You will benefit from taking Silicea for as long as you use it. If you stop using Silicea, you will slowly stop experiencing the benefits as your levels return to how they were before you started taking Silicea, similar to what you would experience if you were to stop taking beneficial vitamins. The body does not store silica.

Q: “Is the date on the Silicea gel bottle an “Expiry” or just a “Best Before”?

A. The date listed is an expiry date, as per the identification “Exp/Batch No” on the box. Body Essential Silicea Gel does not contain any preservatives. This is why our product has a clear expiry date, as opposed to a “Best before” date. Instead of throwing away your expired bottle of Silicea Gel, however, you may wish to decide to use it on your plants and garden. Silica is a natural substance found in nature and has many benefits to garden plants as well and is used in many fertilizers:

(mix your 500ml gel bottle into 5 litres of water (ratio 1/10) and sprinkle on your grass or plants for a natural, chemical and preservative-free fertilizer!)

Q. “Is Original Body Essential Silicea Gel suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians? Does it contain lactose?”

A. Silicea Gel is pure silica and pure water and nothing else. It is suitable for vegans as well as Vegetarians, and suitable for anyone who is concerned about other additives in their health products such as preservatives . All silicea products are preservative free and lactose-free.

Q. “Is it okay to open up the capsule and pour the contents into a drink? (water, milk or juice)

A. No, this is not recommended. It is never a good idea to tamper with a manufactured product. Please read and follow the “Directions for Use” only. Capsule particles are not recommended to be released in the air and inadvertantely breathed in, and the capsule outer is designed to break down and release the ingredients only once it is at a certain stage inside the stomach. If you are uncomfortable swallowing capsules, then our new Silicea Ultra One a Day Soft Capsule may be ideal, as being a soft gel capsule, it is easier to swallow.

Q: “Is the Silicea gel bottle BPA free? Can i pour out the Silicea Gel and store it in another bottle?”

A. The white frosted bottle used for Silicea Gel is not a standard bottle. It is BPA free and sterilized and made of unique properties and a unique custom shape for Hubner that has been the result of years of German testing and engineering to ensure Silicea Gel can be manufactured and delivered to you without preservatives. Silicea Gel is manufactured and bottled in Germany at our own custom GMP certified factory and then quarantined and tested to ensure the finest purity and safety. If you are travelling you may wish to purchase our smaller Silicea 200ml gel bottle (available at Woolworths stores in the Vitamins Section) or switch to one of our capsule products for this period to maintain your silica intake. Note that the Silicea Gel bottle must be kept refrigerated once the bottle has been first opened.

Q: “Where can i buy Silicea online?”

A. please visit our Stockists page.