The Silicea secret for hair health


Factors including diet, lifestyle and ageing can all contribute to issues such as thin or dull, brittle hair. Another cause can be a deficiency in silica, a mineral that is essential for the health of your hair, skin and nails.

Everyone’s hair is different, but by identifying the cause of your hair hang-ups and making small changes to your health and haircare routine, the long, thick hair you’ve always dreamed of becomes attainable.

To start your hair improvement journey with Silicea, here are some common factors that may be causing your hair grief and tips to adjust them to see positive results.


Washing your hair daily

Our hair produces natural oils to keep our scalp and hair follicles healthy. Washing your hair daily depletes your hair of these oils and can lead to dryness. For luscious locks, reduce the frequency of your shampooing. If you can’t deal with oily roots, try incorporating a dry shampoo on the days in between your washes.



Now we are approaching the warmer months, it is important to protect your hair against damage from sunbathing, chlorine from swimming pools and salt from the ocean, which can cause hair to become brittle and stripped of its natural oils. Wash your hair after swimming and cover up with a hat in the hot sun.


DIY hair colours

The cheap price tag on the at-home packet dye often isn’t worth it. Box dye cannot be adjusted to your hair colour and condition and can cause a lot of damage, which will take an expensive trip the hairdresser to repair.


Poor diet

Your diet and lifestyle has a direct impact on your hair and skin’s health. Introduce foods rich in fatty acids to boost your hair condition.


How Silicea can help

There are two keys ways Silicea can assist with your hair’s health.

  1. Silicea works from the inside out by providing a body that is lacking in silica with the necessary daily allowance to help naturally repair damaged skin at the root of your hair follicles.
  2. Silicea helps to thicken each strand of your hair on your head, making it stronger and more resilient. Your hair is then able to grow longer before snapping or splitting.

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