4 ways to prep your nails before a manicure

Winter may be the time for woolly gloves, but that’s no reason for you not to get a manicure and spruce up your nails! However, to get the most out of your treatment, make sure to try out these tips to help prepare your nails for the chemicals and products being applied, and allow you to get the most out of your salon experience!

Check your cuticles for any scratches or marks

Cuts, scratches or marks on your skin around your nails can lead to infection and bacteria, which can affect your whole body. So, if you notice any of these marks on your skin, it’s important to reschedule your appointment and give your fingers time to heal. Some simple ways to stop nail biting is to keep your nails trimmed and short, use nail biting deterrent polish, and actually book in regular manicures (once they’re long enough!)

Give your nails a good scrub pre-manicure

Clean nails are important when arriving at your appointment because if your nails have dirt under them, bacteria can actually be a risk to the other customers and manicurists in the salon. Often nail salons will not treat you if your nails are not healthy, therefore before your appointment, we recommend washing your hands in warm, soapy water for a few minutes and using a nail brush to scrub your cuticles. This not only helps the health of your nails and hands but protects the other customers too!

BYONK (Bring your own nail kit)

If you are a frequent visitor to a nail salon, why not consider compiling your own nail kit? By bringing your own set of clippers, files, buffers, and other nail-sculpting tools, you will be saving yourself from all kinds of dirt and germs. If you don’t have time to put together your personal nail kit, simply call ahead and find out if your salon sells individual tools for customers who prefer having their own. Keep in mind, it is important for your nail kit to include professional-grade tools and ensure they have been properly cleaned before and after your treatment.

Happy nails = Happy nail technicians

Your nails are about to be shaped, filed, cut and painted on, so it’s imperative to make sure your nails are in their best condition. The healthier your nails are, the easier it is for your manicurist to do a great job and ensure your experience is smooth-sailing and your nails get the treatment they deserve!

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