Simple secrets to encourage acne-free skin

Acne is a common skin condition that affects many people at one point in their life. It can also be extremely uncomfortable and irritating. Depending on the level of acne, it can actually be minimised with some easy and simple tips that won’t harm your skin or cost too much!

Rest is best

Sleep deprivation can increase problems for acne-prone skin due to the boost of the cortisol substance in the body. Cortisol is a hormone that is released at times of stress, which causes the skin to produce more oil, resulting in acne! When we get our full (or close to) eight hours of sleep, our hormones help restore and repair our bodies, helping heal our skin. Make sure you get the right amount of sleep, because lack of sleep can increase the potential for new acne and cause current acne to become more inflamed.

Goodnight makeup free me!

When you forget to take your makeup off before bed or even apply new makeup over your old makeup, this can clog your pores with oily substances, resulting in acne and blackhead breakouts. Makeup residue can cause skin imperfections and impurities when left on for long periods of time and also lead to bacteria and inflammation in the skin. Wearing makeup to bed can also encourage dull-looking complexions, dry skin and prevents any anti-aging products from working. So, make sure you keep makeup wipes or remover easily accessible and take the time to remove your makeup and let your skin breathe. Also, make sure your makeup is not out of date, as this can cause bacteria to grow in the make-up which, when applied to the skin, can promote acne.

Hygienic hands please

Our fingers are full of bacteria and allergens, which can easily be transferred to your skin when rubbing your eyes or resting your chin in your hand. Touching your face can trigger breakouts by spreading acne to other parts on your face and increase inflammation on the surface and beneath the skin, resulting in pimples. We recommend getting into the habit of washing your hands, especially after using your phone or dealing with money and keeping a hand sanitiser close by to get into the habit of keeping your hands dirt-free!

Hello low-glycemic foods!

Easy ways to change your diet to encourage acne-free skin is to eat low-glycemic foods that are made of complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, legumes and fresh fruit and veg. These types of food contain nutrients that include zinc, vitamins A and E and antioxidants, that help reduce damage, redness and inflammation in the skin. Acne-friendly foods include spinach, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, beans, salmon, whole-wheat bread and many more!

Try a silicea mask!

Silicea gel, when applied topically as a mask onto the skin, has a drying effect that soaks up excess oils and closes pores in the skin. Pour silicea gel from the bottle into a small clean container, wet a cotton ball in the gel, and then apply to the face. Allow time to for this to dry on your face and you will feel the skin tighten. After 5 minutes, rinse the gel off and your skin will feel clean and fresh!

Look after your skin by giving it the love and attention it needs by keeping it clean and healthy! If you’re interested in extra firmness and elasticity, try our silicea range to encourage strength and connective tissue throughout the body. Find the full range of our products here