Tips for minimal effort hairstyles

Do you need some inspiration for your next hairstyle, but have little time to do it? We understand you! Doing your hair is just another chore on your long to-do list, so why spend more time styling your hair, when you can do these minimal effort styles to achieve amazing results instead?


Whilst this is a cliché, it’s also a classic! The topknot bun is a go to for a simple updo. It is number one on the list because it’s easy, quick and you can even buy tools to create the bun for you. The topknot does not discriminate hair types; from frizzy to straight, this style can bring instant class if it is slick and tidy, or bring a bohemian feel when loose and flowing.


Braids are a great way to keep your hair off your face, and will stay in even better when you haven’t had the chance to wash your hair. For example, the French braid flaunts one braid down the back of your head, and can be braided to the side for a quirkier look. You may need to practice on yourself a couple of times before you get the hang of it! Similar to the French braid, another popular style are the boxer braids. This style is very ‘in’ at the moment, trending from icons such as the Kardashians and the Hadids. The boxer braids are great as you can do them the night before and sleep with them in to save time in the morning!

Slicked back ponytail

The slicked back ponytail is a stylish hairdo that requires minimal effort. Straight hair adapts to creating the ‘sleek’ flair. Curly hair tends to be prone to more bumps, so check out products that you can use to help smooth those locks. If you do want to spruce up your ponytail, you can add a plait, or wrap a piece of hair around your hair tie for a sophisticated look. The power of the ponytail knows no limits! 

Half up, half down

Half up, half down is also currently on trend. This is a truly versatile style as you can do so much with the ‘half up’ hair and leave the ‘half down’ to create a more feminine look. Separate your hair horizontally either in half or one-third from the top of your head and work the top half into a ponytail, plait, or bun. This is a great go-to style for business meetings or everyday happenings.

Wet hair

Celebrities left, right and centre are pulling off the wet hair look, so why don’t you? Whether it is for work, going to uni or running errands, this look is right off the runway. Embrace the sweat from after a workout and go big with this look. There are many styling products available to create this sheen look, which is stress-free and speedy to achieve.


If you want to add a little more inspiration to your hairdo, go ahead and add some accessories. Adding a bandana wrap can create a completely different look to what you originally had, with a hint of pizazz. Headscarves and metallic hair ties are all handy ideas to spice up your hairstyle. Adding accessories are such simple things to do, yet extremely effective tools guaranteed to have you looking and feeling your best.

Dry Shampoo

If you have had issues recreating these styles and like rocking your own signature look, but still have trouble fashioning your hair, why not try dry shampoo! This is a miracle for those individuals who don’t have time for washing or blow-drying their hair, especially after a workout. Dry shampoo lets you continue with your day with minimal oiliness.

When you are experimenting with styles, don’t forget to make sure to look after your hair. Your hair helps create who you are, so make sure it gets all the right minerals to keep it strong and vibrant. Take a daily Silicea supplement to strengthen the roots and keep your hair healthy throughout the change of seasons. Check out our range of products at to find out how Silicea can help you.