What your favourite lipstick colour says about you

Have you ever wondered why you pick that particular shade of dark red lipstick over the hundreds of other lipsticks every time? Well, picking specific lipstick colours actually correlates with your personality.

Here is what your favourite lipstick colour says about you.


Bold, vibrant, suave. This is what red lipstick, in all its varying shades, represents. Red lipstick emphasises class, power and embraces standing out from the crowd. Red-goers are confident, passionate, ambitious and are able to pull off red lipstick like it’s the 1920s!


Relaxed, charming, grounded. Nude lipstick wearers are typically sweet, kind and take a ‘what you see is what you get’ approach. They enjoy challenging themselves and are known as caring and open. The colour of nude lipstick can project an empowered, worker-girl vibe.


Adorable, playful, bubbly. The pink spectrum ranges from soft and pale to deep and bright. Pink lipstick wearers are great at meeting new people, filled with excitement and dedication, and have spirited, vivacious personalities. These big-hearted individuals often love adventures and trying new experiences.


Sophisticated, genuine, dependable. Personalities drawn to brown lipstick are intuitive, wholesome and intelligent. These independent individuals aren’t easily fazed and enjoy discovering the good in everything.

‘Different’ Colours

Quirky, unique, creative. Wearers who prefer lipstick colours such as yellow, blue, and green are imaginative, inventive, optimistic and youthful at heart. Diverging from the norm, these unique individuals are great to talk with and are always happy to lend a hand.


Dreamy, glamorous, cool. Down-to-earth and fun loving is what gloss wearers are! These people don’t take themselves too seriously, and are always the first on the dance floor. It’s always a good time when you’re with your “glossy” friend.

Lip Balm

Practical, honest, established. Personalities opting for lip balm are inclined to have a no-nonsense attitude and enjoy testing themselves. These level-headed individuals enjoy taking care of themselves, being productive and are proactive.

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