Easy ways to keep active this winter

Does your workout routine change when it comes to winter? Do you feel tired or lack motivation? We understand how you feel and have created a few easy ways to keep active this winter and boost your energy!

Goal setting

Setting a goal for yourself is a great way to keep motivated and try new things. Whether it’s challenging yourself with existing goals, training for an event or stepping outside your comfort zone, setting smart, achievable goals is the way to go. When deciding where to begin, start with small wins then work towards your overarching goal. It will all be worthwhile when the seasons change and you can see the results to look and feel amazing.

Team sports

Another easy and fun way to stay active and driven is to join a sports team. Teams are a sure-fire way to ignite the spirit in you, especially when it comes to healthy competition. Exercising with others is also fantastic as your team members rely on you, which forces you to leave your warm home. Many local gyms or PCYCs organise indoor sport programs, which can range from recreational to expert! It is also a great way to release built-up energy from being inside and to meet new people while you’re at it.

Indoor activities

Get active in your own house! These days you can arrange pretty much any type of sport or activity indoors to warm yourself up. You can become a yogi or a dancer, all in the comfort of your own abode. Home workout and dancing videos are great ways to increase your inner vitality and enjoy a fun cardio or strength workout without having to brace the cold weather. Another easy way to activate your muscles is to try jogging, skipping or other cardio exercises while watching TV. If you have a two-storey home, stairs are an easy but amazing way to do a high intensity cardio or leg workout.

Two’s more fun

Combining these easy tips with a friend or two can create a much more exciting, enjoyable and motivating experience. Download an app and keep each other up to date with your progress and new ways to stay active.

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