Nail art tips and tricks!

Do you have a passion for creativity and art, but don’t know where to start when it comes to your mani-pedi? We understand there are too many designs and too little time for nail art, so we have compiled a few easy tips and tricks to help your nails look their best.


Do you ever flip through magazines or scroll on Instagram and wonder how to get that amazing nail art at an affordable price? It’s time to look around your home and get imaginative! There are so many ways to get insta-worthy nails that will make people ask where you got your nails done (and how much for!):

  • Use a small or fine tip item to get creative on your nails, and try metallic pens to design an edgier look with dripping effects, stripes or french tip. Alternatively, try the head of a bobby pin to fashion cute patterns such as spots, flowers, lines or even use them to help glue on gems or sparkles
  • Sticky tape and paint the ‘unstuck’ side of your nail for a monochrome or sharper style
  • Paint your desired look onto a plastic sandwich bag and once dry, peel the paint off and use nail glue to stick onto your own nail
  • Produce an exclusive colour with the help of loose eye shadow pigments and clear nail polish for a unique shade
  • Create a marble effect using drops of nail polish in cold water, use a toothpick to swirl the colours around, dip your nail in and viola!


Do you sometimes have trouble keeping your fabulous DIY nails from chipping? Understanding what nail polish you use and how to enhance the strength of your nails can help keep your mani intact:

  • Try a clear nail polish to the topcoat to prevent your nails from chipping once your design is painted and dry. This provides an extra coat of protection on your nails from the bumps of everyday wear and tear
  • White nail polish as an undercoat works wonders for brightening the top layer and keeping your colour on for longer
  • Dip your nails in ice water to dry them quicker. The cold water prevents divots and helps solidify the polish all the way through
  • Keep your nail polish in cool, dry and dark places such as the refrigerator, to help the formula last longer, which provides more opportunities to let your imagination run wild!

Remember to take care of your nails and treat them to some loving every now and then! If you have trouble growing your nails, include a daily Silicea supplement to your routine to increase their strength and support. Check out to see the full range of Silicea supplements available.