‘Nail’-ing the trends of yesteryear



For thousands of years, nails have been a way to reflect beauty as well as an individual’s status, style and story. The practice of manicuring and nail art is believed to go back to 3,200 BC with ancient Chinese and Egyptians using this as a means to denote social rank.

Those in high society often wore red nails while those in lower social rankings would opt for nude and light colours; no wonder red nails are still so popular! And it wasn’t just for the women, with Babylonian men also spending hours manicuring and painting their nails (with matching lips) to show their status.

Nail trends have changed significantly over history, as nail shapes, techniques and colours frequently go in and out of fashion. In modern times, iconic celebrities, such as movie stars and singers have set the trend for the general public to eagerly take up, this historic reflection of beauty.

Early 1900s

Ladies kept their nails short, neat and bare with round tips as short nails symbolized a life of leisure.


Synthetic nail polish was introduced to the market allowing people to add colour to their nails, with an oval shape the fashion of the day.


During the 1930s, nail polish became popular, which was quickly followed by the creation of nail art. Some stars started rocking the sharp, point nails that have been popular in recent times and the “half-moon” manicure also became a popular trend during this decade.


The “half-moon” manicure was soon replaced with longer, almond-shaped, bright red nails.

1950s & 1960s

Oval nails made way for a mix between square and oval, known as the “squoval” nail. Lighter shades, pinks and bare nails became popular in the 60s, with squoval nails continuing to reign supreme.

1970s & 1980s

With the creation of French manicures and acrylics, women’s nails grew to crazy lengths and it was all about square-shaped nails. The 80s also introduced bright, vibrant colours that people would use in their nail game.

1990s & 2000s

Trends started to divide, with some women choosing a short, rounded nail and others electing harsher edges.

Present Day

There is no longer one set style or trend. People have a large array of options to choose from with self-expression and individual identity deemed more important.

You will see many celebrities rocking short or long nails, coffin and stiletto nails, rounded or pointed tips and all sorts of colours, designs, textures and decorations. Some will even go to great lengths to get that perfect mani, like Gigi Hadid who spent $2,000 on her nails for the 2016 Met Gala.

It’s hard to predict what nail trends will emerge in the future but good quality nail care will always remain. Nails are something you have to look at every day and can make a lasting impression; so it’s no wonder people put so much time and effort into their nails.

With nail styles constantly changing, it’s best to keep on top of your nail care to keep them healthy and strong. Changing nail styles and nail art is fun but can also lead to nail damage if they are not cared for correctly.

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