Take care of your hair this winter


Winter is coming, it’s getting cold outside, and hair care has never been more important! Unfortunately, many people suffer from dry, brittle locks this time of the year, so we have compiled 4 simple tips to help keep your crowning glory luscious and healthy during winter! 

Overwashing is a no-no

Because we aren’t sweating as much in the colder months, we don’t need to wash our hair as often as we do in summer. To help maintain moisture in your locks, keep your scalp clean and your hair hydrated to prevent breakage and split ends. It is recommended to wash no more than twice a week, and to avoid over-using shampoo as this can also increase dryness from the winter winds!

Never skip conditioner 

Conditioner is a must, especially during the dry season as it keeps moisture in your hair, which makes it look and feel healthier and softer. However, make sure to follow the suggested directions on the bottle and focus on conditioning from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair. Leave the conditioner in for a few minutes and rinse. If you really want to encourage smooth and radiant hair, rinse your hair with cool or lukewarm water to seal the moisture.

Hair treat-ME-nt

The dryness from winter will dehydrate your hair because it does not receive enough moisture. To replace lost moisture, we recommend investing in a good-quality (preferably natural) hair treatment mask to use once a week. Treatment masks help to keep your mane lustrous and shiny by encompassing your hair in a deep cleansing formula, which replenishes dry and irritated scalps and ends. Depending on the product, it can take 10-15 minutes, or you can choose an overnight one. Either way, they both make a huge difference, so there’s no reason not to add it to your hair care routine! 

Avoid leaving home with wet locks 

Leaving the house with wet hair increases the possibility of breakage because when wet and cold, hair follicles can break at the cuticle! Do your best to dry your hair naturally or use a hair dryer before going outside. Remember not to over-dry your hair either, because this causes frizziness and can lead to hair follicle damage.

A little care can go a long way, so it is important to keep your hair luminous and healthy in winter! Another way to maintain long, shiny locks is to include a silicea supplement in your daily routine. Our products include biotin which is important for hair formation and strength, while also helping to reduce breakage and splitting. Check out www.silicea.com.au for the full range available.