The secret to an injury-free active lifestyle


Living an active lifestyle is great in theory, but the risk of injury, or set backs created through torn ligaments, damaged cartilage and tendons can be a deterrent.

When injuries occur they can require weeks and sometimes months of down time. The good news is there are supplements available that speed up the healing process of joints and ligaments. Products such as Silicea mean you can recover faster and continue on your training regime.

To explain how Silicea can help, let’s take a look at some common sport injuries and how they occur.


Torn ligaments (sprains and strains)

A ligament is a short band of tough, flexible tissue, made up of individual fibers connecting the bones of the body together. The function of ligaments is essential for movement.

Ligament injuries, also known as sprains or strains, can occur at any joint. For athletes and people who regularly participate in sport and fitness activities, the most common torn ligaments are the knee and ankle.

These injuries occur as a result of falling or twisting the body out of its normal position and overuse from repetitive movements.

The most common ligament injury is a sprained ankle. Other common injuries include strains of the hand, forearm, sprained wrists and knees.


Cartilage damage

Cartilage is a tough tissue that covers the surface of joints and plays the role of reducing friction between bones, preventing damage.

Cartilage damage is a common injury with the majority of cases involving the knee joint. Damage can be caused by high impact, wear and tear or lack of movement.

There is a myth that exercise causes cartilage breakdown, however studies show the opposite and that regular exercise assists with keeping joints healthy.

In fact, exercise is essential for joint health, assisting in decreasing pain, maintaining mobility and flexibility and improving muscle strength.


Tendon injury

Tendons are the fibers that connect the muscle to bone.

The most common occurrences of tendon injury in athletes is damage to the Achilles tendon, located between the heel and calf muscle. Damage also tends to be around the elbow, with the injury known as ‘tennis elbow’.

Tendon injuries are a result of gradual wear and tear from overuse or ageing.

To prevent these injuries it is important to ensure you warm up before any sport or vigorous physical activity and wearing support if needed.

If damage occurs, there are vitamins and minerals you can introduce to your supplement regime that have essential roles in tissue repair, including to ligaments and tendons.


  1. Silica: an essential mineral for healing joints, ligaments and tendons. It strengthens tendons and ligaments through its effect on connective tissue and supports the formation of cartilage. It also assists in speeding up the healing of fractures and reducing scarring.
  2. Manganese: An important mineral for tissue repair and overall tendon and ligament health.
  3. Zinc: Assists in wound repair. A deficiency in this mineral slows down recovery from major and minor injuries.
  4. Vitamin C: Essential for the production of collagen.It also helps relieve and prevent joint pain.


Silicea ULTRA combines the mineral silica with manganese, zinc, biotin and selenium – all essential for supporting the health of your joints, tendons and ligaments. If you struggle with sport injuries, consider introducing Silicea into your routine as a preventative measure and to speed up recovery.