New Year, fresh hair, skin and nails!


The New Year is here and you have survived the festive season! You’ve gone through December spending your money on gifts for your loved ones and celebratory occasions and holidays. Now it’s time to look after you and set new goals for 2016.

The most common New Year resolutions surround improving health and appearance but sadly, many of these fail after the first month once holidays are over and the rush of day-to-day life kicks back in. Don’t let this happen to you!

Whether your goal is to get fit, quit smoking, eat healthier food or simply take better care of yourself, Silicea is the perfect supplement to give your body an extra boost of health both inside and out for long-term results. Here’s why:


Longer, stronger hair

Thinking of changing your hairstyle for the New Year? You want your hair to be in its best condition to rock your new look. Silicea products can improve your hair’s strength and thickness and promote growth and shine by supplying silica through the hair roots which can strengthen its structure and appearance. Get your best hair flick ready!


A manicure you’ll want to show off

Let’s admit it, when we’re busy and time poor getting your nails done is not a high priority. If your resolution is to save money but still look after your appearance, Silicea has the perfect solution for your nails as the mineral silica is a key substance for growth and strength of nails. Say goodbye to unsightly short, brittle and chipped nails and hello to the long, natural nails you’ve always dreamed of.


A brighter complexion

Your skin’s condition is a direct reflection of your health. If you’re ditching bad habits in 2016, you’ll start to notice a big difference to your complexion. If you drink, smoke or have a bad diet causing your skin to suffer, your body could be deficient in silica. Silicea can help repair damage and uncover a fresher, healthier face by improving the collagen in your skin, which improves fine lines and wrinkles, inflammation and other skin conditions.


Support an active lifestyle

If you’re new to structured exercise but you’re determined not to give up your goal of losing weight and getting fit, give your body the extra boost it needs to speed up healing after strenuous activities. Silica supports ligament and cartilage health to help prevent injury and promote faster recovery after exercise.


Target cellulite

Yo-yo dieting, pregnancy and hormone fluctuations can cause a breakdown of connective tissue which can result in cellulite. Don’t fret! Cellulite affects 80 per cent of women and making healthy changes can naturally have an impact on your skin’s elasticity. By introducing Silicea to complement your new health goals, you can potentially prevent or improve your cellulite condition by giving your body the mineral it needs to stay in its best condition.

Silicea is an affordable, easy way to get you on track to becoming the best version of yourself in 2016. For more information on our range of products visit