Silicea’s guide to healthy skin

photo-1451650645557-62193a7bed6aIf you’re strugglingwith acne, dry skin and rashes, it’s likely your daily routine is to blame. Here are five common causes for pesky and persistent skin dramas and the DIY solutions to help you go about your day without feeling like you have to hide away.

Facial products

Using products high in alkaline will strip your skin of its moisture and cause irritation, itching and dry skin. Prevent this skincare no-no by choosing the right pH-balanced product for your skin type (such as cleansing waters or non-foaming cleansers for sensitive skin; balms and cream-based cleansers for dry skin and mud or foam-based cleansers for oily skin). Pair this with taking a Silicea supplement to help leave your face feeling radiant from the inside out.

Sleeping position

On top of making sure you get the right amount of sleep each night (7 to 8 hours), did you know your sleeping position can cause wrinkles? Outside of sun exposure and smoking, sleeping with your face in a pillow can cause the formation of wrinkles. Try sleeping on your back to get out of this wrinkle-forming habit. Alternatively, there are special pillows on the market to prevent sleep lines.


Makeup removal should be part of your daily skin care routine to prevent clogged pores. Let your skin go makeup and product free at least one day a week to reveal your natural beauty. Introducing a skincare routine including cleansers that are best for your skin type and a mild exfoliating scrub is recommended and will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. Make sure to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week! Applying unwashed brushes to your face will spread the build-up of bacteria and oils.

Picking at your skin

Picking at your skin spreads bacteria causing infections, scarring and will just worsen the appearance and amount of pimples. While it’s hard to break out of the habit of picking at your skin, especially when there is acne spreading, you aren’t doing yourself any favours. For many, this is a learned and compulsive behaviour and is often caused by stress. Try distracting yourself with walks or creating barriers such as gloves, Band-Aids and face masks to combat the urge to pick your face.


We all know a poor diet can cause a myriad of skin issues. Your body needs the right vitamins and minerals to give you glowing skin. Try pumpkin seeds and lentils for acne; spices like turmeric for wrinkles; lemon water for dullness; tomatoes for discolouration and avocados, walnuts and olive oil for dryness. Avoid processed foods with chemical additives and refined sugars and carbohydrates, which can lead to breakouts.

If you are facing skin problems, it is best to consult your doctor before deciding on the best treatment for you. To find out more on how Silicea products can help support your healthy skin from the inside out, head to for our full product range.