A Unique Manufacturing Process

Silicea manufacturing process
  • Extensive research was undertaken by Anton Hubner Co. Germany, over many years to achieve a high quality, reproducible product without the use of any additives.
  • This highly confidential, complex and exclusive process guarantees a stable collodial dispersion, and a unique product.

WITHOUT the use of:

  • For customers taking a product to benefit health this is a most important factor.
  • Other products that contain silica from other sources must add preservatives and additives of some kind to stabilise their product or add flavours to the product.
  • Body Essential Silicea Gel’s reputation for unrivalled quality and purity is world renowned.

Huebners’ secret factory process is specialized and unreproducible. Anton Huebner GmbH & Co. KG, Germany has reigned among the Supreme pharmaceutical and health food manufacturers in Europe for over 50 years specializing in silica based health products.  Original silicea Gel is the biggest selling silica supplement in Europe and is the phenomenon that created the silica supplement industry. It has been used by millions of men and women world-wide. The silicea brand name is the ultimate guarantee of quality.

silicea manufacturing process